An army of Rei from Evangelion invades a Pizza Hut

As you probably remember, in Neon Genesis Evangelion, we have seen several reincarnations of Rei Ayanami, which makes her a very interesting character within this franchise and this fact is engraved in the minds of many Evangelion fans. Recently, a video was shared on social networks where you can see many cosplayers dressed as Rei, in the same place, which reminded netizens of these clones of her in Evangelion.

Rei Ayanami from Evangelion and her clones enjoying an afternoon together.

Rei Ayanami Evangelion Clones3

The user @real_hotaru on Twitter/X shared a short video where we can see many girls dressed as Rei, all of them are in a restaurant enjoying some delicious food, and from the description of this account, as well as what can be seen in a part of the video, we know that it is a Pizza Hut chain pizzeria. Likewise, there are several people with cameras taking some photos and perhaps videos inside the establishment. As the place looks small and there are a lot of people in it, it looks quite crowded, however, there is a pleasant and very lively atmosphere, from what little we can hear in the short clip that was shared on this social network.

We do not have much more context about what happens in this clip, so we can only assume that it is about some Evangelion event or convention where many cosplayers coincided in choosing Rei’ s cosplay and curiously they met in some food establishment near the event. Or it could also be that thinking about the cameras that are in the place, it is just some Evangelion event planned to meet and take pictures, it could even be that they were doing an interview for some specialized media in anime and manga.

The followers of this profile reacted to this curious video. Some people were quite confused about what was happening and asked for an explanation as to why there were so many Rei in one place. Others were simply very grateful and commented that what they had seen in the Evangelion anime, i.e. the Rei clones, had come true. Many were simply amazed at the wonderful sight and asked to be there surrounded by so many beautiful girls. Undoubtedly, their reaction was quite positive to such an image of seeing the beautiful Evangelion waifu repeated so many times.

Rei Ayanami Evangelion Clones2

As we have seen on other occasions, cosplaying is an activity that many people enjoy doing in groups or that, through it, coincide with people who have similar tastes. That is why this type of activities or conventions is where you take the opportunity to bring out the best artistic skills and use the elements that you have within reach, trying to replicate as close as possible to the character you want to represent. There are people who already have experience in this activity and achieve truly impressive results.

Perhaps you have not forgotten that during Evangelion we have seen Rei with different outfits and hairstyles, and that is something that is represented in this video, since we see her with several of those costumes and changes of image that may be familiar to us if you are a follower of Evangelion. We can see her with long hair, short hair, with school uniform, with her plug suit and surely there are some others that are not completely visible in the image. What we can appreciate, even if we don’t look closely at the faces of all the participants, is that they did a fantastic job in their cosplay.

Rei Ayanami Evangelion Clones1

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