Sousou no Frieren

Amazing Sousou no Frieren cosplay highlights Frieren’s tenderness

Through Instagram, cosplayer dyang.yi_melody shares a new cosplay of “Sousou no Frieren” (Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End), where she shows us the powerful sorceress, Frieren in a very adorable way. In this representation, he replicated Frieren’s usual outfit. Which consists of a short white dress with black and gold details, over her white cloak with gold, a belt and black stockings. And to give it a more realistic effect, in some of the photographs he replicated some of Frieren’s very particular expressions, where she looks very tender.

The sorceress of Sousou no Frieren overflows tenderness in this cosplay

Sousou No Frieren Cosplay 4
Sousou No Frieren Cosplay 3

As we can see in the pictures on the Instagram profile, this girl of Korean origin did an excellent job bringing Frieren to life, as all the details are very well taken care of to be as close as possible to those of this beautiful waifu from Sousou no Frieren. The wig is stylized to be identical to Frieren’s hairstyle, as are the pupils that replicate her eye color. And of course, the most important detail that could not be missed is present, his distinctive elven ears.

Frieren, has many facets because she can be a very charming girl, with those gestures that make anyone fall in love, on the other hand, we have also seen her as the powerful sorceress she is, showing all her power and ability. Both sides of this waifu together have managed to catch the hearts of the fans of “Sousou no Frieren“, that’s why she has earned a place as one of the favorites of this franchise.

Besides her physique and intelligence, something that has kept the fans of this series interested is to know the fascinating history of Frieren, to see all the adventures she lived in the past with the group of heroes Himmel, Einsel and Heitor, as well as the new ones she lives next to Fern and Stark.

Sousou No Frieren Cosplay 2

The Sousou no Frieren anime is currently on air and is a few chapters away from concluding its first season. We still have a few chapters left to enjoy the fun adventures of Frieren and her companions, where we will continue to learn more about the life of this beautiful elf. We still have no news about a continuation, however, considering that the anime has had a very good reception, it wouldn’t be strange if we get more of this wonderful story.

It is very impressive to see people like this cosplayer with a huge talent to be able to replicate all the elements that make up a character and bring them to life with a great resemblance that really looks like they took them out of the universe where they live. For anime fans, this is a great way to feel that we have closer to those characters we love so much. Also, for those who enjoy this hobby, it is a way to feel in their shoes, at least for a moment.

Sousou No Frieren Cosplay 1

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