Aigis the beautiful girl from the Persona saga releases new figure

Fans of Persona saga are quite benefited as far as merchandise is concerned, because right now Aigis has received an incredible figure, this beautiful girl has landed in our world in a collectible figure, quite incredible, absolutely all the details of this figure will surprise you because of how well made it is.

This beautiful girl is presented to us in one of the most iconic battle poses, as she shows us that she is ready to unleash her full power and potential.

Aigis from the Persona saga is back and will show us all his power in this figure!


Aigis delights us with a new figure, as through the account of @figsoku they have shown us this incredible and imposing figure, demonstrating that the power that resides within her is quite large, not to mention that her fighting power reminds us, to some extent, to the pose that Joker from Persona 5 usually uses.

The power of this girl will be on many of the shelves of all those fans of the Persona saga, as the power that this beautiful girl emanates is so impressive that it will steal glances. The details of the same are quite impressive, because her armor is quite well detailed, in it we can see that the mechanisms of this same have well elaborated details, so the level of dedication is something impressive.


This figure demonstrates the power of the girl, her armor is practically a reflection of the power she possesses, one of the most curious details is that this figure has a blue light on the chest, this stands out due to the aura that the figure itself emanates. So this figure is a must buy for all those collectors in general.

The figure has a release date scheduled for October 2024, starting presales from October 20, 2023 and ending on December 22 of the same year, the price of this figure will be $222.54 dollars and will be a figure with painted plastic finish, with special pedestal included and in his chest we will have a Papilion Heart LED light emitter, will have a scale of 1/6 and its approximate size will be 30 cm.

Aigis is a girl quite appreciated by fans of Persona, and that she receives a new figure certainly excites many fans, in addition, this figure can steal many eyes even if you are not a fan of this incredible saga of Atlus, which, remember, is a sub-saga of Shin Megami Tensei. Undoubtedly, this figure is a must buy to show off Aigis in your space for figures.


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