AI images have gone too far, say anime fans

The most booming technology in the last 2 years is the “Artificial Intelligence (AI)“, with it we have seen how our favorite “waifus” come to real life in a 3D plane with images in a realistic version of them, also various illustrations that show us our favorite characters in a very sensual way. But also this technology has been involved in controversies, copyright, whether an AI-generated work is art, etc. A new controversy has arisen in Japan around AI, cosplay and image processing through this tool.

Artificial Intelligence gets embroiled in a new controversy over this post!

Both in X before Twitter and in the famous Japanese forum “Otakomu” has gone viral a publication of the user “@aezoxr” that shows us how image processing through Artificial Intelligence can be wonderful and amazing, but it also has a dark side at the same time. As we see in the publication, this user has posted two photos in cosplay, the first one with the real version and the second one a version with image processing through AI.

The user posted this post with the message “My processing technology“. This immediately went viral, not only because of the ability of Artificial Intelligence to create images and modify them in a very detailed and almost perfect way. But it also caused a lot of reactions among fans because they questioned if the images we see on the internet are really true or are a “scam” emphasizing if the photos of cosplayers on Instagram reflect a true and natural beauty or just a “machine enhancing their physical features”.

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Many of the reactions of the anime and cosplay otakus revolved around the fact that this new technology is doing incredible things, as one highlighted that this type of images require a lot of talent, work and precision and that it is not like people think that they just “upload a photo to an application and it gives you something like this”. Some also highlighted the technical capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, since in the photos shown they praised the work on the face, since at first glance they did not see very large errors that could make them notice that the image was processed.

However, another large sector questioned whether it was morally correct to do this and wondered if this is not a common practice among many cosplayers on various social platforms. Some others also wondered if it was feasible that this was happening on many levels of the internet and if the beauty of these girls was really true, because with this AI technology no one was sure that what we were seeing was 100 percent “real“.

Finally, a sector of otakus took this with grace and said that although it was horrible and in bad taste that an “ugly man” cosplay really did not need to know if it was a boy or a girl, it was simply necessary a beautiful image to be “satisfied“. Undoubtedly a new controversy that has at the center the creation and retouching of images by Artificial Intelligence.