After 14 years, Noragami comes to an end today

After 14 years of a long serialization, the popular manga “Noragami” has come to an end, with the publication of its last chapter today in Japan. It is important to note that, due to time differences, although it is still January 5 in some parts of the world, such as Latin America, the finale of “Noragami” was scheduled to be released on January 6.

This series, which has captured the attention of a wide audience for over a decade, closes an important chapter in otaku culture, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of anime and manga.

Noragami ends on the tenth anniversary of the anime

Tras 14 Años, Noragami Llega A Su Final Hoy

Noragami, a popular shonen, ends coinciding with the tenth anniversary of its anime adaptation and it is curious that the end of the manga comes just one day after the anniversary of the premiere of the first episode of the anime series, which was first aired on January 5, 2014.

For this final chapter, the chapter is planned to have a total of 45 pages, including some special color pages in commemoration of the great support this work has had by the community.

Noragami Hiyori

This addition seeks to celebrate the conclusion of a story that has been in publication for 14 years, marking a milestone for both the franchise and its fans. This finale not only commemorates the anniversary of the anime, but also pays tribute to the manga’s long and successful run.

Is this the end of one of the most popular shonen of the moment?

Noragami Port 1

Although the final chapter of “Noragami” has already been published, we have yet to experience the definitive closure of this manga. This is due to the pending publication of volume 27, which will compile the last chapters of the work.

The anime adaptation was so popular at the time that the series was renewed for a second season and a series of OVAs, however, fans are still asking for a continuation of the series.

So far there seems to be no sign of an anime, but we may see some special collaborations in Japan with certain establishments to say goodbye to one of the shonen that have caused more impact.

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