Ado dazzles in new promotional artwork for his show “WISH”.

Ado surprised with the exciting news that he would make his first world tour called “WISH”. This 2024 in only 3 months has already been a year with too many strong emotions. The singer arrives to add intensity to this year with her world tour, well, although it only covered part of Asia, Europe and the United States, totally excluding Latin America. This tour is the singer’s first, so all her fans are super excited to see her or in her case to see the videos on the internet about her show, which so far can only be described with the word SPECTACULAR.b

Illustration manages to capture the beauty of the singer Ado

Ado Gira Mundial Wish 1 1

This illustration was shared on the social network X, on the official account of M, a digital artist who made part of the official illustrations for the ‘WISH’ tour. The illustration focuses on promoting the singer’s event, which is called “Ado Special Live, Shinzou“. In the image we observe our great artist in the center wearing an elegant and wide black dress with blue lining (a very characteristic color of her).

She seems to be floating, this detail I personally believe represents the fact that her music allows us to fly and awaken the spirit, taking us away for a while from the monotonous reality. Around her there seems to be a wave of frequency, one more reason to believe that her music makes our hearts race. As is typical of the singer, both her dress and her hands have a pink, obviously in blue, representing elegance.

As for the background, we see that the interpreter is in a stadium, forum or something similar full of spectators. Thanks to the fact that her hair is floating, it gives the impression of having movement, as we can also see how the locks of her long black hair with blue tones float in the air. This visual only continues to mesmerize us with the beauty of the singer’s avatar.

At the top of the visual we see the caption that confirms that this material was made for the promotion of “Ado Special Live, Shinzou”. This is an event that will take place in Tokyo on April 27th and 28th, 2024 at the National Stadium of Japan. The image in question is a beautiful and high quality work by the artist M, she really knows how to portray the feminism and rebelliousness characteristic of the singer.

Ado Gira Mundial Wish 2

M does a great job illustrating the celebrity. In his X account he shares all the material he has created along with their respective creation processes. As if that wasn’t enough, M, also uploads his illustrations to Pixiv, leaving them available to all fans, so we can enjoy his splendid visuals. Each and every one of the images she uploads are in such good quality that it is simply art for the retina to be able to appreciate such good illustrations of a very good singer (Note: this user editor is really a fan of Ado).

In case you still don’t know who this talented girl is, we’ll give you some context to finish. Ado is a Japanese singer of the J-Pop genre. She was born on October 24, 2002, with only 17 years old, she debuted with the great and expressive single Usseewa, in 2020, which talks about the social repression in Japan and the desire she has to express herself and get out of that system. The song was so successful that it reached #1 on Billboard Japan and was in the top 50 most popular Japanese songs on Spotify. Her first album was Kyougen, which is a complete JEWEL, and honestly the most representative and expressive of her discography.

Her success and popularity was such that Virgin Music took notice of her, which led to this company producing her said Kyougen album in 2022. Subsequently, she was attracting more and more attention for her style and especially for her unique tone of voice. This led her to be in charge of giving voice to the character of Uta from One Piece: Film Red, her work there was also splendid.

Ado Gira Mundial Wish 4

Her vocal performance in the movie was so wonderful that she managed to release a small album called UTA’S SONGS ONE PIECE FILM RED together with the record label giant Universal Music Japan, which contains all the songs she sings in the movie playing Uta. There are a total of 8 songs that are 100% worth listening to (this user writer’s favorite is Backlight and Fleeting lullaby).

The singer’s career does not end there, as she has been in charge of several musical projects in the anime industry, for example, she is the one who sings the opening of the second season of Spy x Family “Kira Kira” and also released a single exclusively to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Lotte chocolate brand, in an anime-style animated commercial made by the Trigger studio, and where the great single “Chocolat Cadabra” by Ado is played.

This artist at the young age of 21 has already achieved impressive success. Japan and the whole world has welcomed her with open arms, and despite not knowing her face (she has never been seen, that’s why her avatar is so important) she has managed to conquer both Japan and non-Japanese speaking countries. This seemed to be difficult, because the fact that your music is in a somewhat complicated language such as Japanese was not an impediment for him to cause a musical revolution.

Ado is simply a new promise of J-pop, his talent indicates that he will be a great unstoppable star. The evidence is there that he has already been able to spearhead very big and important projects. His feelings are expressed to perfection in each of his songs. Despite having a difficult past and beginnings like most artists, where she says she used to lock herself in her closet that she modified for a better sound effect and thus home-record her songs, she is now praised by millions of fans who identify with her music.

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