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Acheron of Honkai Star Rail captivates with his look in new mod

Honkai Star Rail is undoubtedly one of the most popular gacha-style titles on the market, since the large number of characters available in its roster have quickly made players fall in love with it, and one of the most recent ones is the “waifu” Acheron, who has arrived to their delight. But now she can be seen with a new look that impresses, being that thanks to the creation of a mod, this player stylizes her in a way that the most fanatical fans will quickly discover.

Acheron dons his alternative look in this new Honkai Star Rail mod.

Acheron De Honkai Star Rail Cautiva Con Su Look En Nuevo Mod

With the recent addition of the “waifu” Acheron to the Honkai Star Rail template, the user Yomakimura shared on the renowned Gamebanana page this new mod that came to the delight of fans of the game, not only for having this beautiful girl as the main character. With this mod you can give her a new look, but it will be quickly recognized by those users of the Hoyoverse title, since this version can be seen inside the game.

Being the main change in Acheron‘s appearance, there are several aesthetic transformations that occur thanks to this work, mainly in the color palette of the clothes, as well as in some parts of the girl’s body very evident. Among the different variations in the color palette, the most striking is given in the hair, normally being a dark purple, in this case becoming white, also the clothes have many reds, in places where previously dominated the violet, demonstrating in the same way the imposing beauty with which she is known.

By this point many fans will notice how well known this style is, and is that the mod is not made at random, but this is the version that the character of Honkai Star Rail uses to fight, entering a plane where she becomes a warrior of the highest quality. What this mod does is to allow to use the version constantly, since originally it can only be seen during fights and when using the special abilities, in this case giving the possibility to see the “waifu” always with this change in the color palette that more than one player loves.

Acheron De Honkai Star Rail Cautiva Con Su Look En Nuevo Mod

As we mentioned at the beginning, Acheron is one of the most recent characters of the game, being that her debut to be used in the game was made during the current version 2.1, and she quickly became one of the best characters of the whole game due to the great capacity she has for combat. Although she was already known within the community for having appeared in the story, the fact that she has become playable helped the image to gain much more recognition among the players themselves, and her design is reminiscent of another beloved waifu from another game, Shogun Raiden from Genshin Impact.

Honkai Star Rail, for those who do not know it, is the latest release of the Chinese company Hoyoverse, and although it is a few days away from celebrating a year in the market, it was more than enough time for it to be considered one of the best in the gacha genre. In this game we meet the “Trazacaminos”, a bounty hunter who travels the universe performing all kinds of missions, and where the combat by tunos is one of the highlights that this has. Honkai Star Rail is available on PlayStation 5 consoles, PC and iOS and Android mobile devices for free.

Acheron Honkai Star Rail

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