A Twitter/X manga exposes reasons not to get married

A user of the social network Twitter/X shared this series of images in the form of manga that surprised users not only for the quality they have, but the message he tried to express was the most shocking: the reasons why it is not worth getting married, generating all kinds of opinions from followers. Nowadays there are several reasons not to get married, the reasons that make someone decide not to get married can change depending on each person. There are several factors that make a person take this kind of decision, something that these images want to explain.

User shares in X reasons for not getting married through illustrations in manga format

Ilustraciones Manga Exponen Razones Para No Casarse Según Usuario De X-1

It was the user grave_kk who shared with us 3 illustrations that make up a manga with which he wants to convey one of his reasons for not getting married, in this case, we talk about the discussions. We start with the 1st image where we see a heartbreaking scene, at first glance we notice that there is a little girl in the center, but the most important thing about this illustration is both the environment and the facial expression. Her face says it all, the trauma of seeing her parents fighting on what should have been a joyous occasion.

Unfortunately, intra-family conflicts are something that is happening more and more and that is affecting the youngest members of such families. The reaction on the social network Twitter/X to the manga was mostly the same, users agreeing that if you see your mother and father fighting and even witnessing the whole divorce process when you are young, it affects a lot. This is something that the user sought to present with this manga.

Ilustraciones Exponen Razones Para No Casarse Según Usuario De X-2

The second illustration of this manga related to the reasons for not getting married, we are given a little more context about what happened before the little girl ended up so sad in the first image, as we can see she put a lot of effort and dedication in preparing the cake and all the necessary decorations for that special occasion. The fact that she was a little girl didn’t stop her from getting everything ready for her event, although we already know how the manga ended.

This image is just as touching as the first one, it gives us to understand that despite knowing that you live in a difficult family situation, you can make the attempt to turn it into an acceptable situation, doing something you like to add nice details in stressful situations. The user grave_kk along with this little story narrated in the images puts us a short and emphatic description that says “Happiness, no matter how you shape it, will collapse anyway.”

Ilustraciones Exponen Razones Para No Casarse Según Usuario De X-3

To conclude we have the third image of one of the reasons for not getting married according to the user. It is interpreted that the girl who lived through that traumatic moment in her life has finally grown up, being a young adult who now has a negative perspective on marriage. The question “Why don’t you get married?” is seen, to which her expression again gives us the answer. She looks at the phone with dark circles under her eyes, but with a slight smile at the same time, conveying that it’s not something she wants in her life, given what she went through in childhood of seeing her parents fighting, which is why that’s one of her reasons for not getting married.

On X/Twitter, just as there were users who connected emotionally with these images, there were those who understood absolutely nothing, commenting that the manga makes no sense and that they do not understand why they are causing a stir, mainly among women. The situations and environment in which each of us live define to a certain extent whether or not we want to take the next step towards marriage. In the case of Asian culture, one of the reasons for not getting married in youth, according to adults, is due to the content they consume, for example, video games or anime, and depending on which one you are more fond of will be your interest in marriage.